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21 - 30/06/2019

Wojciech Jagielski, photo by Rafał Oleksiewicz
GalleryWojciech Jagielski, photo by Rafał Oleksiewicz
    Piotr Andrusieczko, Wojciech Jagielski, Maria Wiernikowska

    Massacre tourists” is how Spanish novelist and reporter Arturo Pérez-Reverte describes war correspondents. Only two correspondents died during World War I, whereas the death toll in armed conflicts in the past two decades reached nearly 1000 correspondents, including 120 in Iraq. How has the work of war correspondents changed? How does the Internet help them today, and how does it make their work more difficult? How does it impact upon official media editorial strategies? Why and when does media interest in armed conflicts fall away? How and when should the media stop talking?

    FORUM 2019: A culture of war in a time of peace

    The Forum for discussions in Wolności Square is where we broadly talk about the main festival theme. This year, our focus is on the relationship between war and peace. Statistics show that we are living in the safest and least brutal period in history, but despite this, war is not an abstract or unreal concept at all. What form does war take in this most peaceful of ages? How do we define this state of war/peace? What will future wars be like?

    We invite you to meet writers, philosophers, political scientists and people who have participated in and witnessed contemporary warfare.

    The discussions are accompanied by staged readings of excerpts from a selection of books.