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21 - 30/06/2019

  • Vic Pereiró currently lives and works in the South. An honorary member of the generation responsible for the invention of the cemetery of non-persecuted dreams. When only a child, he decided to change his name; it did not help. Seven years ago, he changed his last name without too many repercussions. Two years ago, he underwent a transplant of values without anaesthesia; this was effective. It was then that he discovered his condition as a ‘mistaken idiot’, allowing him to carry out the process of transformation that involved finding legitimacy in one’s self.  

    The Dust Bowl is a story of individual transgressions that open possibilities for sustainable and balanced construction within a community; a portrait of those who fight for us while we watch reality shows wearing our pyjamas… Vic Pereiró lands in Poznań aware of his finitude, his willingness to share, and the capacity to create crowd dynamics – be it in the form of an army or a procession of drunk individuals – whenever the goal is the individual collective transformation to build the dream in the community. This is Riot.

    The Dust Bowl talks about the difficulty of the human being in continuing to exist and the challenge of extinction by self-destruction. I suggest: That the human being confronts the situation via radical change; the next evolutionary step of adaptation.
    Self-transformation of the individual into a new ME to construct a WE that makes a sustainable BE; a new social model of cohabitation.

    We live in a continuous post-war that every morning welcomes a new struggle without a breath to salute the departed.
    All fast.
    All clean.
    Unannounced typhoon threats under rainbow blessed blue skies...
    Addicts wear fake to real dental contraptions while riding pink unicorns trapped in the mud... Workers without gloves cling to the moment while tied to friendly cactuses... Word terrorists and street musicians interpret melodies of hope in frequencies of difficult perceptive assimilation...
    All fast.
    All clean.
    Fresh air will cleanse the most persistent of morning slanders. All fast.
    All clean.
    All sponsored.
    All legal.
    The world is just another silly love song, so:
    Sing along.
    Sing together!
    All legal.

    Meet Vic Pereiró:


  • Meet Vic Pereiró: