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21 - 30/06/2019

Kelly Schacht, artist's archive
GalleryKelly Schacht, artist's archive
  • „This project aims to be a sort of gathering and at the same time a disruption. The conversation pieces are somewhat out of place, or better still, they are inserted in particular places as constructed appearances. I am interested in what it means to be public, plural, in the community, (human) togetherness, connected or not. And when I say >>public<<, I am referring directly to the act of speech and speaking which goes towards a political sphere (becoming public). Action and speaking / freedom and plurality. I am interested in referring to a >>staged<< place or template where things / people meet in dissensus, one could say ‘in concert’, and activate their freedom, establish relationships, create or disclose new realities”. 

    – Kelly Schacht

  • Kelly Schacht was born in 1983 in Roselare in Belgium. She lives and works in Ghent, where she studied fine arts (sculpture / installation) at the Royal Academy of Fine Art. In a time when notions of what is ‘new’ and ‘unique’ have become very relative, Kelly Schacht plays with the concepts of ‘authorship’ and ‘originality’ in her work. Both moments and objects from the past are rethought and gain the ability to generate a renewed aesthetic experience. 

    Meet Kelly Schacht: