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21 - 30/06/2019


    A walk to explore the paradigm that gives humans a dominant position over all other beings. We will look at language constructs which facilitate the extermination of other forms of life. We will turn our attention towards weeds, invasive species and pests. We believe that it’s time to abolish the distinction between people with their culture and ‘natural’ non-people who can be owned, exploited and mass murdered. It’s time to coexist.

    ‘Our goal is to clarify several things. We want to examine the paradigms that shape our being in the world, and to make visible certain norms that are imposed upon us in terms of society, culture, nation and species. The core of our activity consists of open activities for peace: workshops, performance art and interactive tours of Liberty Square, whose specific character provides a plane for debating and negotiating the Clarification content’.
    Sprostowanie Group