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21 - 30/06/2019

Li Ran, artist's archive
GalleryLi Ran, artist's archive
  • „My name is Li Ran, I am an artist, I was born in China. In 2018, I moved from Beijing to Shanghai.

    I thought of many ways to introduce myself, but it is not easy. The place where I live was always immersed in the context of a split. We need to deal with the cultural tradition and after that it is already broken. At the same time, we have to confront the contradiction between globalization and the local. So, what is religion? What is faith? So what's this difference? What is the ideology or whose ideology? What is existentialism? What is the metaphysical? Or what is family? What is a community? Where is the center? And where is the edge?…

    Here, our dialogue is difficult and complicated, a lot of modern experiences could not accurately be defined, so we began to embezzle, copy, classify, criticize and construct, and look for subjectivity, at the same time, we also began to create fiction, to twist, simply over shoes over boots, entertainment and consumption, also despise, abuse, discriminate or ignore, be indifferent silent……,All these things are often intertwined.

    so who am I?

    This time I will come to Poznan, and show several of my video works, and share how I worked on that basis”.

    Li Ran 

    Meet Li Ran:

  • Meet Li Ran: