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21 - 30/06/2019

Radouan Mriziga, archiwum artysty
GalleryRadouan Mriziga, archiwum artysty
  • „I am Radouan Mriziga. I have worked with choreography, dance and crafts(wo)men for a long time. I owe a lot of the knowledge I am working with to a lot of other people, animals, plants, nature, and other undefined powers that I have crossed paths with. From the big desire in my mother’s body to the meows, chirrups, hisses, purrs, chatters and growls of my two cats. I also went to some schools in Morocco, Tunisia and Belgium. Between normal schools and art schools, I had the time and space to get bored, reject things, challenge other people, myself and appropriate new tools to develop my work.

    My aim is to craft choreography for the collective imagination, to construct spaces, to build ephemeral architecture and make gardens where we (humans, animals, plants and the other powers) can simultaneously propose a non-binary knowledge, where a little breath, the smallest light, the tiny looks and intuitions are there to celebrate.

    55 is the 5th part of an ongoing work to craft space using dance and choreography as methods, tools and materials; using bodies as focus and tools. Using architecture as an ongoing process that is yet to be built, but not to take up spaces.

    55 is structured on the number 5, the number of the human body, the hand of Fatima, the five elements, the star of five… 55 dances and movement are made on the rhyme of 5.

    55 is a solo dance performance, if you want, or the construction of a collective space, if you dream.

    55 took me 3 months of being closed in 4 corner spaces to build a 5th space. 55 is a reminder of how dance can design our environment, what movement is, and how the non-binary knowledge of dance can be used in proposing new collective spaces.

    55 is a gift to all the craftswo(men) and crafts. These humble bodies who made our lives easier, moved our imagination and planted our coffee seeds. Potted the coffee pots, engineered the water flow, tamed the fire, designed the cup and served the coffee to drink, which makes me thankful every morning.

    55 Reality and the imaginary fuse in a dance.
    In a search to create a third space,
    that is real enough to sense with all our senses and still imaginary,
    free of certainty.

    A space defined not only by structure but also by the dynamics of
    events unfolding in time. A space that Holds a promise To arrive
    somewhere else than where you are

    Construction is the process of making visible what was invisible. Choreography, architecture scenography and stories …

    The definitive place of a work must be the work itself”.

  • Meet Radouan Mriziga: