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21 - 30/06/2019


It is our pleasure to announce a free-of-charge seminar centred around the liaison of business and culture . We’ve invited major regional business representatives to participate. Can culture inspire business? What are the correlations between growth and culture?

A series of seminars organised by Malta Festival is meant to bring together the most prominent representatives of major regional, forward-thinking business presenting cutting-edge technologies and ideas, and setting the pace for the evolution of CSR in Poland. The third meeting shall take place on 12 March at 3:00 PM at Malta Foundation, and it will be moderated by professor Jerzy Hausner, Polish economist and politician, professor of economics, former minister under two administrations (Leszek Miller’s and Marek Belka's), Vice-President of the Polish Council of Ministers, member of the Monetary Policy Council, committee member in the Polish Academy of Sciences, active member in Brussels European and Global Economic Laboratory, member of the Polish UNESCO committee. The seminar is divided into a lecture (30 minutes) and a debate with the audience over coffee (60 minutes).

The topic of the seminar is the relationship between culture and growth. Culture is more and more frequently seen as a form of enterprise - a production and sales-oriented endeavour, as an industry which commodifies cultural heritage, art works , intellectual work, but also as a market of creative services (such as advertising, design, architecture, software) and goods related to spending leisure time for consumption of culture, ranging from computer games, seeing an opera, to participating in a folk handcraft workshop.

We invite the leading representatives in the regional business sphere. Participation in the seminar is free of charge, however, please notify us about your attendance by email at: office@malta-festival.pl.