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21 - 30/06/2019


As part of Miasto Żyje Designem (Pl. ‘the city lives off design’) event, we are happy to invite all those of you who are into art, promotion of culture and our festival’s design to join us in our office, where we’re going to take you on a historic journey across the evolution of the visual layer of Malta Festival and Nostalgia Festival. For the first time, you will be able to appreciate Malta Festival’s gadgets in a setting quite different from the street, ad column or the Liberty Square.

Alongside being highly reputed and popular festivals for many years, both Malta Festival and Nostalgia are known as ‘well-designed’ and ‘visually-appealing’ events. Every single year, our visual identity constitutes a graphical illustration of the central theme of a given edition - not only does it inform, but also arouses curiosity, offers new perspectives and sucks the spectator right into the festival’s narrative.

Although it is never easy to convert the essential concept of the festival into the language of symbols, colours, shapes and textures, we make sure each year to find innovative solutions, but more importantly, to maintain coherence between the festival’s content and its visual representation. That process has been supported for many years by Bękarty studio and by Raman Tratsiuk, helping us with Malta Festival and Nostalgia Festival respectively.

We manufacture an entire series of festival prints, gadgets and online formats: posters, flyers, catalogues, magazines, backpacks, sachets, pouches, 3d animations, as well as some of the more surprising ones: 3D postcards, bags up-cycled from festival banners, customised wine labels. For years, we’ve been collaborating with our invaluable partners - Dekoma (our material sponsor and the leading supplier of top-quality fabrics) and Kuluza, a company that stitches the fabrics into our nifty gadgets.

To celebrate this momentous happening, we would like to share some of Malta’s visual identity with you. Our festival gadgets (shirts, belly pouches, backpacks, wine, books) will be available at a 20% discount. You will also have a unique chance to see the miniature model of Malta Festival’s layout from 2018, developed by architects from Atelier Starzak-Strebicki. We will also bring some old posters, stickers, and catalogues from the archives for you to take home.