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21 - 30/06/2019

Responsibility. Accountability. Vulnerability.
OK... Ceasefire!
Make sense. Be mindful. Be pro-active.
Listen now… Parley!!
Substantiate it. Transfer it. Be it. Remain it.
I beg you… Truce!? Respite!!! Please… An interval from constant indignation!?
A pause from ‘prove that you care’ syndrome!?
A break from ‘I’m so offended by your lack of experience, awareness, and lived-life that death seems suitable for you’ stance!?

The Request 1.

While you engage with the words coming from me, try not to feel hurt by my dysfunctional plural existence.
That should not be a difficult thing to do when all I want to talk about is freedom and tubers, right?

Ego Vibe 1.

Before I do start my extremely ambiguous, empathic, and subsequent Blablabla, it is important to clarify that I do not engage with this opportunity to curate the Malta Festival for my fee, my career or for free access to the local brothel… What?!? I thought it was important to declare intentions…
I took this gig inspired by the Polish, and because I cannot learn to love myself alone.
- I cannot do it without the Polish.
- Do what?
- Live a lovelier and more subsequent life.

Poland and the Polish are not the same… right?

Ego Vibe 2.

Sorry… here’s my blablabla!

The Blablabla (A).

Two extraordinary things were happening in Europe during the mature part of the 16th century. Poland’s most famous immigrant was arriving (with no plans to ever leave by the way; the Polish people just would not allow it) and the Warsaw Confederation was being signed. The fact that the latter occurred in the territory we knew as The Kingdom of Poland blew my mind.
These two extraordinary facts are one: the arrival of the most famous tuber of them all: the potato, and number two: the signing of the first ever religious freedom act within European territory.
The potato was a tremendous economic and social ‘gift’ from the New World , via the Spanish and British so-called explorers/traders, or as my ‘adoptive’ grandmother use to call them, ‘those up my vagina with no permission’…
The first ever religious freedom act, the Warsaw Confederation Act, truly speaks to me as the legacy that the European creative industries seem to want to stand for. Since 966 A.D. and Poland’s formal foundation in 1025, 1573 marks a gesture that undoubtedly represents, however limited in its, range, the best of the so-called ‘European legacy’: tolerance and inclusion. Tolerance and inclusion not as moral stances, but as political policies, political legacy. A political stance that still defines the European territory in the minds of humans all over… Why that is, is an entire new, unnecessary and inane text from me…

Ego Vibe 3.

Fellow Humans, I’m not an historian, anthropologist, archaeologist, curator, writer, artist, performer, physicist, engineer, Polish or Caucasian, and even though my penis is not small, I’m not suited for XXXL porn fantasies!
I’m a son that disappoints. I’m a rice lover that keeps eating it, even though the bloody white grains are killing me. I’m basically a Spirit with a fleshy sexual reality that is truly below its tantric potential. I’m just one more fuck that cares. I care about the Polish.
Polish folk… fuck, you guys are.
Yes, that is a full sentence.
The Polish are.


The Blablabla (B).

We find ourselves, Polish or not, in a war of contexts vs. living.
A war of legacies vs. being.
A war of relevance vs. knowing.
A war of market vs. vision.
A war of ignorance vs. caring.
I look at the Polish and I see a people that have a lived-life legacy which is as painful as it is inspiring. I see a people that fight to make sure that the consequence of pain is more than dried blood on concrete cold-to-boiling streets.
I see people within a political territory who must be reminded that there’s no Poland without the Polish.
Poland’s modernity, one could argue, does not have as its referential capital the Counter-Reformation. The Counter-Reformation was about preservation and manipulation. The Counter-Reformation was about fear.

Fear of cultural loss? Fear of diverse ethnical exuberance?
I dare state that my ‘No’ is not an opinion, but a conclusion of the much beloved History, be it art or science… Those who are aware of what true communal political power is will seize the structures that are in place to expand their ideologies and use them to format the formatted format.

Ego Vibe 4.

Have I declared that my ‘adoptive’ grandmother has no idea what History is?

Ego Vibe 5.

I care about Human life being a more beautiful experience.
And like most of you reading this impractical text, I value order, security, comfort.
Just like you, not only do I know how to kill, I have the capacity for it.

I will not judge, if you don’t.


The Blablabla (C).

I am not a believer in absolute peace, I am married after all…
What I am is a profound devotee to intelligent combat. There’s no intelligent combat without dominion over what one cares about.
The Humans participating in this edition of the Malta Festival are individuals that establish, daily, a deep relationship with their impartation capacity.
They are singular specimens of the Human Species that will share perspectives, allowing us all to discern even-more-crisply what fight we are willing to dispute.


Ego Vibe 6.

A reason to kill and be killed can always be found and justified. No?
If it’s a cause we are willing to die for, before we commit to it let’s go deeper...

There is nothing more tragic than to die in the disturbing ideological, philosophical, or theological journey on the way to our destination. No?


The Blablabla (D).

What is the Polish people’s relationship with the potato?
What is Poland’s relationship with the potato?
They’re not the same, right? Both subjectively positive from an emotional and economical perspective…
Both the Polish and Poland know how to welcome migrants, their costumes, beliefs , flavours, and transformational power. Even more so, both the Polish and Poland know how to make it work for all the Humans involved.
Want to talk legacy? Say 28January1573!!!
Want to talk legacy? Say 1569, with the 69 at the end as a fun one-to-one bonus!

Ego Vibe 7. 

I’m proud to be able to participate and contribute to a legacy of inclusion, cooperation, resilience, vision, out-of-the-box policy establishment. Consistent living, because the challenges the Polish face are real.
It is a European challenge.
It is a Human challenge.


The Blablabla (E).

This is our Army of The Individual.
An army in which our individual development is paramount and serves the ecosystem we call community.
This is our Army of The Individual.
An army where our individual discipline and tangible experience must be present at the service of the diverse community, because there are people worth dying for .
This is our Army of The Individual.
A bunch of creative people from all corners of the world, wanting their value to translate into the lives of those that will dare to reach out, and touch.
All individuals engaging with The Army of The Individual were busy and focused on their destination. When summoned to come to Poland they recognized the journey, acknowledging the fundamental relevance of its passengers.
We come to serve.

Maybe we’ll reconsider what we are willing to die for…

We come to serve.